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What is Content Gopher?

Post Gopher a WordPress plugin that converts your blog posts and web pages into downloadable PDF literature

Grow The List, Boost Engagement and Get More FREE Visitors by Turning Posts as well as Pages Into Irresistible Lead Magnets

This builds beautiful forms, works with directly with your email advertising, captures leads and delivers out download links MOST on complete autopilot… A few read my Post Gopher review below to get more information.


What are Features in Post Gopher WordPress Tool?


Don’ capital t allow the complex creation of lead magnets or shoring pages be the obstacle to your success. Post Gopher INSTANTLY switches existing page and post content into awesome designed downloadable content, automatically offers it and seamlessly provides readers to your chosen email advertising


Generate higher engagement rates. Reach new readers, increase your clients and followers and improve return traffic. All although building optimum awareness to reach your goals. And with zero technical or design skills required



No More Editing Or perhaps Formatting Docs To Produce Lead Magnets – Not any More Website landing page Hassle – No More Connecting Multiple Services, No More Varieties Being Ignored. Just Even more Subscribers, More Traffic, And More Engagement!


With the built-in statistics panel, you can quickly identify your most popular posts. Trail views, clicks, and explicit opt-in rates. You’ ll also get a bird’ t eye view on PDF FILE downloads and know when readers return to your blog via their downloaded PDF…


Generate higher involvement rates. Reach new viewers, grow your subscribers and followers and maximize come back traffic. All whilst building optimum awareness to be joyful. And with Post Gopher zero technical or design skills required



This Plugin has helped grow your email list as well as driving more visitors again to your website. The moment someone downloads the PDF FILE from your blog to their computer, they have the option to go back without notice and read it with the option to click on the link and re-visit your website, as a consequence, your traffic has cultivated and it’ s creating repeat visitors!

The most prominent feature in the Post Gopher review is the alteration of the article to Subscriber (from the down load visitor come to be a subscriber). Through the email list, you have the option of occasionally sending content to individuals who have already visited

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